Air Disinfection for Schools, Universities, and Learning Centers

GermZone® 100

Air Disinfection Unit with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Technology

  • Medical Grade Technology designed for Upper-Room installation where most in-room viruses and bacteria live
  • Made in the USA – All Steel construction
  • Germicidal UV reaction chamber to inactivate viruses and bacteria
  • For rooms up to 400 square feet
  • Sound level 55 dB
  • State of the art photolytic technology with patented germicidal irradiation system
  • Safe for use in occupied areas – no unsafe UVC emission
  • Small and portable, mounts to upper wall

Medical Grade Air Disinfection for Schools, Universities, Learning Centers

What’s the difference between Air Purification and Air Sanitization / Disinfection?

Air purification as it relates to air cleaning devices is a mechanical process. Air sanitization / disinfection is a biological process that kills bacteria, viruses, spores, VOC’s and odors.

Whats the difference between Air Purification and Air Sanitization

Air Purification and Air Sanitization


Product Manual and Brochure

medical grade air purification for schools GermZone-100-Product-Manual-10062020

medical grade air disinfection for schools, universities, and learning centers

Warranty and Maintenance

3 Year Limited Warranty

Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule below is based on continual daily operation of the GermZone®100.


Replace the filter (P/N: GZ-200-200) approximately every 6 months.  If the GermZone®100 is operating in an excessively contaminated environment, changing the filter more frequently is advised.

It is recommended the filter pad in the unit is regularly checked for replacing. To replace:

  1. Power the unit off and unplug from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the fan cover on the same side as the power switch by gently prying the top of the cover away from the case of the unit. A flat bladed instrument such a flat-head screwdriver may be used to accomplish this.
  3.  Remove the filter.
  4.  Insert the new filter.
  5. Align the fan cover with the louvers pointing up as shown in the image above.
  6. Apply gentle pressure to snap the fan cover back onto the case of the unit.
  7. See Discarding Used Filters in Additional Information Section of the Manual for information on the disposal of the old filter.

UV Lamps

Replace the UV lamps (P/N: L1-0040-1) every 8000 hours of operation or approximately every 2 years.  Sooner if indicator lamp fails to illuminate.


CAUTION: Use only genuine GermZone®100 replacement filters and lamps to ensure proper filter fitment and function of your GermZone®100. Failure to use specified products voids warranty.


Upper room wall receptacle recommended

  • Install wall mount plate – Slide unit over plate – Plug in and turn on

Sample Room Installation

Based on an 18′ x 12′ room size


Sample Cafeteria Installation

Based on an 80′ x 25′ room size